TCGA Barcodes Summary

Written on March 12, 2014

All TCGA barcodes are created by the Biospecimen Core Resource (BCR). The following post wants to be a simple summary of the meaning of each part of a TCGA barcode in order to have a easy-to-look reference page.

TCGA Barcode

  • Project: Project name (ej. TCGA )
  • TSS: Tissue source site (ej. 02 )
  • Participant: Study participant (ej. 0001 )
  • Sample: Sample type (ej. 01 )
  • Vial: Order of sample in a sequence of samples (ej. C )
  • Portion: Order of portion in a sequence of 100 - 120 mg sample portions (ej. 01 )
  • Analyte: Molecular type of analyte for analysis (ej. D )
  • Plate: Order of plate in a sequence of 96-well plates (ej. 0182 )
  • Center: Sequencing or characterization center that will receive the aliquot for analysis (ej. 01 )

The codes for TSS, Sample, Analyte and Center can be checked using the codeTableReport:

  • Direct to check TSS: link
  • Direct to check Sample-code: link
  • Direct to check Analyte: link
  • Direct to check Center: link