rexposome: A bioinformatic tool for characterizing multiple environmental factors and its association with different omics biomarkers and diseases


Carles Hernandez-Ferrer, Martine Vrijheid, Juan R. Gonzalez

The Emory Exposome Summer Course


Exposome encompasses all environmental factors from conception until old age. Due to the ever changing environment and habits, exposure to environmental contaminants is growing increasingly complex. The HELIX ‘early-life exposome’ approach involves combining all environmental hazards that mothers and children are exposed to, and linking this to the health, growth and development of the children.

The main objectives of HELIX project include the measurement of a wide range of chemicals and physical environmental hazards in food, consumer products, water, air, noise, and the build environment. Also to define a multi-pattern and individual exposure variability while determining a molecular profile and biological pathways associated with those multiple exposures. To this end, a Bioconductor package has been developed. The package incorporates functions for exploring exposome and its interaction with outcomes, its integration with different omic data as well as downstream analyses to facilitate biological insights though pathway analyses and retrieving data from public databases such as DisGeNET and Comparative Toxicogenomics Database.

The usefulness of the package will be illustrated by analysing data belonging to the HELIX’s Spanish cohort where exposome, genome, transcriptome, methylome and proteome data is available joint with information about respiratory and neurocognitive outcomes

Carles Hernandez-Ferrer

Carles Hernandez-Ferrer

Bioinformatics, data analysis and software development

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