Gene-Enrichment in PsyGeNET's Main-Psychiatric-Disorders

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PsyGeNET is a database that integrates information on psychiatric disorders and their genes (check its About page for more information). The current version of the database centered the information of three main psychiatric disorders: Alcoholism, Depression and Cocaine-Related-Disorders.

Currently the author of PsyGeNET, Alba Gutiérrez, and me are developing an R package (PsyGeNET2R) to query the information stored into the database and to perform some analysis using this information. We thought that could be a good idea to perform an enrichment analysis on the three main psychiatric disorders given a list of genes of interest.

Using the PsyGeNET’s browser we can get the following code to download the stored data:

oql <- "DEFINE
    c1 (Gene_Symbol, Gene_Id, Gene_Description),
    c2 (Disease_Id, Disease_code, DiseaseName, PsychiatricDisorder),
    c0 (Score, Number_of_Abstracts)
    c3 ='ALL'
    c0.Score DESC";

dataTsv <- getURLContent("", readfunction = charToRaw(oql), upload = TRUE, customrequest = "POST")
data <- read.csv(textConnection(dataTsv), header = TRUE, sep=";")

The data.frame called data corresponds to a generalization of the information stored into PsyGeNET:

> colnames(data)
[1] "c1.Gene_Symbol"         "c1.Gene_Id"             "c1.Gene_Description"
[4] "c2.Disease_Id2"         "c2.Disease_code"        "c2.DiseaseName"
[7] "c2.PsychiatricDisorder" "c0.Score"               "c0.Number_of_Abstracts"

The following tables shows the content of the first three rows of data:

	c1.Gene_Symbol 	c1.Gene_Id 	c1.Gene_Description 	                                c2.Disease_Id
1 	NPY 	        4852 	    neuropeptide Y 	                                        umls:C0001973
2 	ADH1B 	        125 	    alcohol dehydrogenase 1B (class I), beta polypeptide 	umls:C0001973
3 	ADH1C 	        126 	    alcohol dehydrogenase 1C (class I), gamma polypeptide 	umls:C0001973

c2.Disease_code 	c2.DiseaseName 	c2.PsychiatricDisorder 	c0.Score
1 	C0001973 	Alcoholism 	Alcoholism 	0.9613497
2 	C0001973 	Alcoholism 	Alcoholism 	0.9000000
3 	C0001973 	Alcoholism 	Alcoholism 	0.9000000

1 	21
2 	82
3 	37

From the vignette “PsyGeNET2R: Case study with genes from GWAS study related to bipolar disorder” that we are writting, I extracted a list of genes of interest:

genesOfInterest <- c( "ADCY2", "FAM155A", "MSI2", "AKAP13",
  "FLJ16124", "NFIX", "SIPA1L2", "SNX8", "ANK3", "FSTL5",
  "NGF", "SPERT", "ANKS1A", "GATA5", "NPAS3", "STK39", "ATP6V1G3",
  "GNA14", "ODZ4", "SYNE1", "ATXN1", "GPR81", "PAPOLG", "THSD7A",
  "C11orf80", "HHAT", "PAX1", "TNR", "C15orf53", "IFI44", "PBRM1",
  "TRANK1", "CACNA1C", "ITIH3", "PTPRE", "TRIM9", "CACNA1D", "KDM5B",
  "PTPRT", "UBE2E3", "CACNB3", "KIF1A", "RASIP1", "UBR1", "CROT",
  "LOC150197", "RIMBP2", "ZMIZ1", "DLG2", "MAD1L1", "RXRG", "ZNF274",
  "DNAJB4", "MAPK10", "SGCG", "DUSP22", "MCM9", "SH3PXD2A"

But from the total of 58 genes, only 21 are in PsyGeNET today (January 06th, 2015):

> length(genesOfInterest)
[1] 58
> sum(genesOfInterest %in% data$c1.Gene_Symbol)
[1] 21
> sel <- genesOfInterest[genesOfInterest %in% data$c1.Gene_Symbol]
> sel
 [1] "MSI2"     "NFIX"     "ANK3"     "NGF"      "ANKS1A"   "NPAS3"
 [7] "SYNE1"    "THSD7A"   "C11orf80" "C15orf53" "PBRM1"    "CACNA1C"
[13] "ITIH3"    "PTPRE"    "PTPRT"    "CACNB3"   "RASIP1"   "ZMIZ1"
[19] "DLG2"     "MAD1L1"   "SGCG"

Using the strategy explained at the post entiteled Understanding Hypergeometric Tests to know if the selected genes are enriched into “Depression”, the description-table will look like:

  Depression ¬Depression Total
selection 17 21 – 17  
background 877 1317 – 877  
total 877 440 1317

All the data comes from:

> data.dep = data[data$c2.PsychiatricDisorder == "Depression", ]
> x <- sum(genesOfInterest %in% data$c1.Gene_Symbol)
> n <- sum(sel %in% data.dep$c1.Gene_Symbol)
> t <- length(unique(data.dep$c1.Gene_Symbol))
> T <- length(unique(data$c1.Gene_Symbol))
> x
[1] 21
> n
[1] 17
> t
[1] 877
> T
[1] 1317

To end, we can say that those selected genes are not enriched in “Depression”:

> phyper(n - 1, t, T - t, x, lower.tail = FALSE)
[1] 0.1177713
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