Annotating KEGG compounds to pathway

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To annotate a list of KEGG compounds to the KEGG pathways where they are involved I used the R package KEGGREST from Bioconductor.


So, having a list of KEGG compounds saved in a character vector like kegg_compounds, we use the method keggGet in batches of maximum 10 compounds to annotate them.

The following (rudimentary) code, queries the database in batches of ten compounds fiddling a list (pathways) where it creates an entry per pathway and updates the field compounds with the compounds from kegg_compounds for each pathway.

pathways <- list()
sequence <- seq(1, length(kegg_compounds), by=10)
for(ii in sequence) {
    jj <- ii + 9
    if(jj > length(kegg_compounds)) jj <- length(kegg_compounds)
    query <- keggGet(paste("cpd:", kegg_compounds[seq(ii, jj)]))
    message("Query / ", ii, " - ", jj, " / ", length(query))
    for(kk in seq(length(query))) {
        for(id in names(query[[kk]]$PATHWAY)) {
            if(id %in% names(pathways)) {
                pathways[[id]]$compounds <- unique(c(pathways[[id]]$compounds , as.character(query[[kk]]$ENTRY)))
            } else {
                pathways[[id]] <- list(name = as.character(query[[kk]]$PATHWAY[id]),
                    id = id, compounds = c(as.character(query[[kk]]$ENTRY))
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